TopOption Review


TopOption is a binary options trader broker that sets itself apart from the rest. Firstly, TopOption is owned and ran by a company called SafeCap Investments. This is the same company that owns Forex Broker Like a lot of binary options brokers they are registered in Cyprus.

But there is one key difference, TopOption is completely regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission. Now one thing people are going to notice when they go onto the website is that there is a lot of information available. In fact, for some people the amount of information can be a little bit overwhelming.

Open a Free Binary Options Trading Account With TopOption

Large asset trading portfolio offered by TopOption

The trading portfolio that TopOption offers is pretty sizable. This means you are going to have no problems locating assets you believe are going to work for you. If you are comfortable with trading particular assets, you will find them here. As of this moment the company has about 180 tradeable assets in their portfolio.

The process of registering an account with TopOption

If you are concerned that the process to register an account at TopOption is going to be hard, it is not. It is made to be very simple and fast. When you go to the website to sign up it should only require a few minutes before you were up and ready to go. Another thing, TopOption is not going to allow you to just jump in without making sure you feel comfortable. So what the offer is a demo account you can use to test out their trading platform and test whatever strategies you have. When you decide to open a live trading account, you will also have the choice to pick whatever account you wanted to make use of whenever you logged in.
The living trading account will show up as active and you could see the trading platform even before you made an initial deposit. Now as far as the minimum deposit goes, it is much lower that what you might find on other broker websites. It is only $100. It is not advisable for you to deposit such a low amount to get started, but it is good to know you will not need that much in order to get going.

What is the customer support like with TopOption

Serious binary options traders are going to want the best support they can get when they need it. You will want to be able to talk to someone whenever you need to or if you are having problems understanding something. Not to worry, because TopOption offers really great support. You will likely appreciate their live chat feature. You can use this during regular trading hours as well as telephone support at nine different toll free areas. There are an additional 11 regular telephones locally as well. This means there is a total of 20 locally supported countries that have telephone support.

What is the user interface like?

Similar to what a lot of binary options traders have done, TopOption has based their trading platform on Spotoption’s user friendly web based model. It is very simple to navigate and should not confused users at all.

Open a Free Binary Options Trading Account With TopOption

What are the payments and withdrawals like with TopOption?

You will find that payouts are quite good. You can get about 80% or more in most cases. If you trade 60 second options the payouts might be a little lower at around 70-75%. For regular and pair options you will get payouts of about 90-80%, and this it does not matter if you chose a call option or a put option. There is an option builder feature that allows you to pick how you want to be  paid out. With this feature you are able to either select a higher payout level or a lower one. With the lower option you would get back some of your money if your trader were to lose. It offers a good safety net for those who want to make safe investments.

Summary for TopOption

You are going to find that TopOption is certainly one of the better binary options brokers you could choose from. Are there some other top brokers out there, sure there are. But TopOption has worked hard to build a reputation you can feel good about getting on board with. Seeing as how the company has the backing of this means you will not need to ever worry that your money is not safe being with them. There is not going to be any problems when it comes to you asking for a withdrawal.
The company offering you a demo account is a huge plus. It is going to give binary options traders the chance to get a feel for the website before they jumped into the trading game. The platform is solid and you can tell that a lot of time and energy was put into it. TopOption offers one of the biggest varieties of trading assets out of several brokers around.
The only problem some might experience with TopOption is that if you do not have a fast internet connection it might get a little slow sometimes. However, this should have not have any impact on your trading results if you know what you are doing. The support is solid and really fast when you need  as well. Overall a good broker to go with.