OneTwoTrade Review


OneTwoTrade is a binary options broker that has made every effort to make sure they keep up with the growth of the trading binary options industry. As binary options have become more popular, OneTwoTrade has made sure to keep pace, which shows in the fact that OneTwoTrade is one of the few regulated binary options brokers. OneTwoTrade is regulated by the LGA of Malta.

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Website created by a strong team

The OneTwoTrade website was not made by amateurs. It was made by financial analysts along with other people who have a very strong vision. These people have made a website that is more than user friendly and is going to make executing trades simple. It does not matter if you are a seasoned professional looking to diversify your trades or you are a beginner looking to make the trading process as easy as can be. OneTwoTrade is going to have what you are searching for.

General information about OneTwoTrade

The company has been around since October of 2009. Their headquarters are established in the British Virgin Islands. In order for you to make a deposit you need to put in at least $200 dollars. And the maximum per option amount is $1500 dollars. Several languages are available for you to use. These languages would include English, Russian, French, Arabic, Spanish.

What are the account types that are available?

At OneTwoTrade there are 3 different account types you can get that are all dependent upon how much you deposit.

Bronze account: In order to have a bronze account you must deposit between $299-$999. You will get a bonus of 15% and a 10% redeposit bonus. You will also get access to late breaking industry news and market reviews weekly and even daily. 

Silver Account: This is considered to be OneTwoTrades mid-level package. It provides a welcome bonus of 20% and a redeposit bonus of 10%. You will get access to company news and you will also get market reviews. In addition to these things, you will get access to the company’s online course.

Gold Account: If you deposit anywhere from $5000-$19999 you will be considered a premium member. This means you would get a bonus of 25% and a redeposit bonus of 25%. Withdrawal you want to make will be expedited and you will get access to the online trading course and other news. If you are a gold member you will be assigned an account manager as well who will answer any questions you might have when needed.

What is the trading platform like with OneTwoTrade?

One thing about OneTwoTrade’s trading platform is that it is provided completely online. So you will not have to worry about downloading any software you might not want to or having to worry about system requirements. There are several ways you can trade. This means traders will be able to work based on what their personal preferences are.

Each platform is located inside of one structure. This means it is simple for you to switch to whatever platform you want to see. The three platforms are Binary Options, Option Builder and One Touch trading. Binary Options platform is considered to be the most traditional.

The Binary Options Trader platform provides four windows that allows traders to make trades simultaneously in 15 minutes segments.

Open a Free Binary Options Trading Account With OneTwoTrade

Features of OneTwoTrade

OneTwoTrade has a feature called “Rollover”. This feature is a good way to prevent you from losing money. What the feature does is it allows you to delay the trade expiry time on a binary option if the market did not go the way you wanted it to. You would only be able to use this feature once per option, and it would need to be performed about 10 minutes before expiry were about to happen. You would need to pay extra careful attention to use this feature. The “Rollover” feature is good for those who want to minimize losses.

Another feature offered by OneTwoTrade is a feature called “up-to-the-minute” market review. It is a good analysis feature. There are a lot of broker review websites that do not have this feature. The information you would receive with this feature is important if you want to be able to make strategic investments rather than doing things on impulse.

Lastly, OneTwoTrade has a feature called “Double Up”. This is an option where a trader can double up on trades that they think are going to prove profitable.

What is the customer service like with OneTwoTrade?

The customer service you will get at OneTwoTrade is available by means of chat, email or telephone. The company makes itself different from the competition by offering telephone support across different countries. This means traders will be able to get help by making a call locally. If you use the chat feature you will find that the agents are very helpful and go out of their way to answer your questions. As far as the email support goes, it might not be the most reliable to use.

Summary of OneTwoTrade

OneTwoTrade seems to have everything a trader of binary options is going to need in order to be successful. The are multiple ways to deposit, top notch customer service, and a user friendly platform to use that should make your trading experience smooth.