Interactive Option Review


Interactive Option is is certainly an asset to investors who are serious about binary options trading. Interactive Option has not been around for a very long time, but despite this they have actually captured a nice share of the market. Interactive Option can also pride themselves with the fact that they are a fully EU regulated and licensed binary options broker, which shows a certain level of seriousness and ambition from this relatively young but innovative binary options broker. If you go to certain websites that do a comparison of brokers you will see Interactive Option pretty high. Now what is it about this broker that makes them such an asset to you the investor?

Interactive Option is an innovative broker

Interactive Option is listed on a lot of review websites as being innovative, but what exactly does this mean? It means that the broker takes measures to make sure they are not like the rest out there. They make a conscious effort to make sure they update themselves so that they can offer the best platform possible to their clients. This has a lot of value, because it means that investors will not have to consider changing after a short time when they see a platform of features they like better at another site.

Fair in the money returns

The last thing any investor wants is to feel like they are being offered lower than average returns for in the money contracts. With Interactive Option this is not going to be the case. They actually offer a pretty fair in the money return, but the real benefit to using this broker is in the host of options they provide. Traders can trade options with an expiry time of 60 seconds, which is one of the primary features this broker offers.

Generous bonuses to new clients

If you know anything about the world of binary options trading then you know that it is hard to make money consistently. So being able to have a broker who is willing to help give you a good head start is going to come in handy. Interactive Option does this by offering new clients a 100% bonus, which some say is a lot, and some say is a little bit too much. Rather this is the case will be something for traders to determine for themselves. The bonus is nice and if used correctly it can be a good way to get started with this form of investing with minimal risk.

Generous list of trading assets

Interactive Option is going to offer clients up to 51 trading assets and more are being added all the time. So if you are a person who wants to specialize in one area then you will not have to worry about your asset not being here. The minimum deposit is also quite low, only 100$. There are several payment options such as credit cards, wire transfer, CashU, etc. And with out of the money finishes you get about 15% of your investment back. This is going to add up over time.

Very user friendly to new traders

Interactive Option is a binary options broker that does not want to make their website navigation tough for clients. How often have you been to a broker and were turned off by the fact that their website looked out of date. What did this say to you about them? Chances are you thought they were low budget and probably were not well invested in presenting a professional look in order to attract clients.

Well with Interactive Option this is not going to be the case. They make sure they keep the site looking modern. Navigating is also going to be easy. So you will be able to focus most of your time on trading. Your trading experience is going to be good and any information you need is going to be available to you quite fast. So you will not have to worry about missing out on an opportunity.

Your profits will not be eaten away

Some brokers try to make every dime they can off of clients, but all this does is make it harder to make a profit with what is already a tough form of investing. You do not want a broker that is going to charge you fees or commissions. Interactive Option will not do this when you first deposit or purchase options. It might change down the road though. For withdrawals there is a 30$ fee after more than one transaction in a month or if the withdrawal is made by means of wire transfer.

Customer support is pretty solid

Interactive Option has two primary support numbers that clients will be able to use in order to get help if they should need it. These are international numbers. You can also contact them by means of email. You will usually get a response very quickly. There is also a live chat service you can use and it is pretty solid. It is available quite quickly during most hours of the day, but it might be tough to get through at times when traffic is high.

Interactive Option works well for investors who are serious about being with one broker for a long time. Competition is fierce in the binary options broker game, and few last a long time.

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