BDSwiss Review


If you are looking for a German based binary options broker, then BDSwiss is one of the best choices around. Firstly, BDSwiss have been in business for a reasonable period of time, since 2011, and they are also a fully licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). The only reason you might not have heard of BDSwiss is because for the longest time they have made their primary focus the German speaking market. All that has changed now. Banc de Swiss is definitely different seeing as how they have a European focus. In the end it is a German company though, but Banc de Swiss fully supports most of the European languages.

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Asset selection available at BDSwiss

You will find that as far as asset selection goes Banc de Swiss do not offer a large number as you might be able to get with other brokers. However, they do provide some assets you would have a hard time finding with others binary options brokers. You can choose from 15 Forex currency pairs, 7 commodities, 24 indices and 27 stocks in different markets that would include the Nasdaq, European markets and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

What is the biggest difference with BDSwiss and other binary options brokers

You might be wondering what makes BDSwiss so different from other binary options brokers on the market. Well other brokers focus on certain segments or try to have a general offering of markets. Some feel comfortable with this while others don’t. With BDSwiss their focus is purely on the European stock market. Traders who are European are going to get a benefit from this. They will be able to make trades during traditional stock hours and will not be limited to the NASDAQ or NYSE American trading hours.

What is the process for setting up an account with BDSwiss?

It is not difficult at all to set up and register an account with BDSwiss. Just as you would with other binary options brokers, all you have to do is pick your login details and then put in some other personal information about who you are. Within a matter of minutes your account will be set up and ready to go. Usually you will get a confirmation telephone call from a BDSwiss in order to make sure you are okay and if you need help getting anything figured out. BDSwiss is certainly willing to go the extra mile to make sure customers feel comfortable.

What is the quality of customer support you are going to get from BDSwiss?

If you are going to be trading binary options you certainly want to see that the broker you use has good customer service. Sometimes this is going to be time critical and for these reasons you will want to know you will have someone to speak with when you need them. Well you have some options here. You can open a support ticket and get a lightening fast response. You can decide to telephone or fax BDSwiss. You can even decide to speak with a Banc de Swiss customer support representative live via chat. All of this gives you multiple means to get in contact with Banc de Swiss and someone who is going to help you.

Open a Free Binary Options Trading Account With BDSwiss

What is the BDSwiss user interface like?

The user interface that BDSwiss uses is very user friendly. It is an easy web based trading platform that takes no time to understand.

What are the payouts and commissions like at BDSwiss?

You will find that BDSwiss offers a range of different returns on investments. Some of them can vary from 89% all the way up to 500% depending on the trading tool and the type of binary options trade being executed. Yes, 89% is one of the highest payouts in the industry. Furthermore, you get a rebate back of 10% on trades that are unsuccessful.

As far as commissions go, BDSwiss does not charge any. If you decide to withdraw money it is going to take about 3 business days in order for it to be processed. Withdrawals are free of any fees as long as they are above 100 Euros or Dollars.

It is a good idea for you to not accept any of the bonuses that might be offered to you when you make a deposit at BDSwiss. If you do accept them chances are there will be terms associated with your cash before you can take it out. You have the option of waiving the bonus at Banc de Swiss so you can have more freedom to withdraw when you want to.

Summary of BDSwiss

BDSwiss is certainly a binary options broker you will be able to trust making investment in binary options trading with. The company is legit and they look to be around for a long time. The platforms offered are reliable and also accurate. With skill and strategy you should have no problems making profit using the BDSwiss trading platform. Withdrawal at BDSwiss is very smooth and you will find that when it comes to customer service BDSwiss have some of the best around.

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