24option Review


24option is a broker that says you can make returns as high as 85% within an hour. 24option also has some of the largest bonuses of just about any binary options broker you will find on the market. Anyone who is looking to make the biggest profits from short term speculation investing obviously would want 24option as their broker.

Open a Free Binary Options Trading Account With 24option

General information you need to know about 24option

24option has not been around that long, only since 2010. They are headquartered in London, UK. In order for you to make a deposit you must deposit a minimum of $200. The minimum amount you must put up to make trades is $24. The maximum amount you can put up per option is $3000. There are also a number of different languages available that should cater to most people. There is English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Portuguese, Romanian, Japanese, Turkish, Italian.

What is the trading platform like with 24option

The trading platform for 24option is bold black for the background and there are gold leaf buttons. It is obvious that 24option is trying to provide a look that says “luxury”.  You will find that other binary options brokers use traditional “call” and “put” buttons for their standard high/low options trading. With 24option they use plus and minus buttons. This means there is going to be no confusion for people. Traders will be able to easily judge whether a price is going up or down. There are also different views offered that that traders can make use of the one that they deem to be the simplest.

What are some of the features offered at 24option?

Binary options traders who are not sure about their skills and they want to test the waters first will be able to do so with 24option. They provide a demo account for beginner traders to use. The only thing is that it is quite hard to find on the website. There are a few catches to using the demo account feature though. Traders will have to make a minimum deposit of $200 in order to use this feature.

There are a lot of brokers that just do not offer this feature. So with 24option you are really going to get a chance to test out whatever your binary options trading strategy is. There are other important features as well that increase the investors chances of success. There is a “Buy Back” option that enables traders cancel their trade up to 5 minutes before the contract was about to expire and lose. Granted, all of the money will not be returned, but the option works to help investors avoid being wiped out.

There is also a complete resource center for traders who want to get themselves caught up on the many different terms used in binary trading. But there are better options available for this. You can make use of the personalized trading tutorial that is available by means of chat.

Lastly, 24option provides a large range of bonuses, which of course is always a good thing. Now it is not a good idea for you to pick 24option just for the bonuses, but it definitely is an added perk you will appreciate.

Open a Free Binary Options Trading Account With 24option

What is customer support like with 24option

When you have really pressing questions you need to have answered right away you will want to have access to superior customer support. Well that is what you would get at 24option. You will find that the best way to contact them is by means of chat. It is available in about 8 different languages. You will find if you use their chat feature you will get very fast and courteous service.  If you need phone support it is available in 7 languages and in 7 different country codes. People who do not need fast support have the option of putting in an email support ticket.

How easy is it to use 24option?

The majority of 24options web pages are on a secured server. This should provide a strong level of confidence before using the site. When you register an account you will find that everything is laid out in a way that makes it very easy for you to complete the required fields. Registering is simple and there are different methods available for deposit and withdrawal. You should have no issues funding your account. Even though 24option does not offer a video guide in order to show people how to use their platform, there are many inst on each page to guide you through it. You should have no problem performing trades.


The team over at 24options is made up of top professionals in the Forex trading world and other money market industries. You can look at the company offering and see that they understand their customers wants and needs. Yes, the websites dark color can be off putting to some, but once you get accustomed to it it is actually quite nice. Your trading experience is going to be good at 24option for sure. If you are having a hard time making the switch, hopefully after reading this it won’t be.

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